The overall Swedish priority is to make visible and strengthen women’s influence and meaningful participation as actors for peace and security. To enable increased participation, a holistic approach to peace and security is required in which the activity must be based on and integrate gender perspectives and conflict analysis.  

The third National Action Plan clarifies what Sweden prioritises and establishes the overall strategic focus. The plan also identifies who, i.e. which actors, will implement the plan and it establishes the allocation of responsibilities and roles. It puts focus on leadership, ownership and mainstreaming of the WPS agenda. Implementation should be integrated into ordinary activities and budgets and the responsibility resides with the senior management of ministries and implementing agencies. A working group consisting of both implementing agencies and civil society organizations coordinates the work. 

An updated NAP for 2023-2027 is being developed. Until that plan has been adopted, the 2016-2020 NAP is still active.

Monitoring Reports 

Key WPS and gender equality reports and resources