Since 2007, Switzerland adopted four National Action Plans to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000). The current, fourth National Action Plan (NAP 1325) relies on a whole-of-government approach, with four Departments responsible for its development and implementation: The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Department of Defense, the Civil Protection and Sport, the Federal Department of Home Affairs, and the Federal Department of Justice and Police. For the first time, Swiss civil society participated directly in the development of the NAP 1325 and is part of its implementation.  This broad cooperation strengthens the WPS Agenda in Switzerland’s domestic and foreign policy.  

The current NAP 1325 (2018 – 2024) focuses on five goals: the effective involvement of women in conflict prevention, women’s participation in and influence on conflict resolution and peace processes, protection against sexual- and gender-based violence in conflict, refugee and migration contexts, women’s participation in peace missions and security policy, and multi- & bilateral commitment by Switzerland to WPS.

For all of the objectives of the NAP 1325, concrete measures have been developed and responsibilities assigned to the involved actors, to implement these measures. Progress is assessed through pre-defined indicators. The NAP 1325 is periodically evaluated.

Monitoring Reports: 

  • Report on the Peer Review of Switzerland’s fourth National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (NAP 1325) EN
  • Report on implementation of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security: Implementation Phase 2018-2019 EN
  • Report on implementation of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security: Implementation phase 2015-2016 EN FR

Gender equality policies: 

  • Gender Equality Strategy 2030 (2021) EN FR
  • Switzerland’s International Cooperation Strategy 2021-2024 EN FR
  • FDFA Strategy on Gender equality and Women’s rights (2017) EN FR

Key WPS and gender equality reports/resources: 

  • Swiss Women in Peace Processes (SWiPP) Network (2021) EN FR
  • Women, Peace and Security and the Prevention of Violence: Reflections from Civil Society in the Context of the Fourth Swiss National Action Plan 1325 (2019) EN
  • Women, Peace and Security – reloaded: Civil Society Alternative Report on the National Action Plan 1325 as seen from the Gender Perspective (2016) EN