Switzerland has adopted four Women, Peace and Security National Action Plans.

NAP 2007-2009: In order to include the gender dimension in all areas relating to peace processes, it has three objectives:

  1. Participation of women in the promotion of peace,
  2. Prevention of all forms of violence based on gender (GBV) & taking into account and defending the needs and rights of girls and women during and after armed conflicts,
  3. Adoption of a gender-sensitive approach in all promotion projects and programs.

NAP 2010-2012: Based on the same objectives, the redesigned structure identifies the actors responsible for the implementation of the measures, and a list of indicators making it possible to assess the progress made.

NAP 2013-2016: In line with the developments of the normative framework of WPS, two objectives are added:

  1. Better inclusion of the gender perspective – during and after conflicts – in emergency aid, reconstruction and treatment of the past,
  2. Integration of the SPF theme at all levels of the federal administration.

NAP 2018-2021: Civil society is participating for the first time in the implementation of 1325 NAP, which has also started a link with CEDAW. The objectives consist of

  1. Inclusion, participation and influence of women in peace processes / security policies (obj.1-2 & 4),
  2. Protection against sexual violence and GBV in humanitarian situations,
  3. Bi-engagement and multilateral in favor of the WPS theme.

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