Norway’s first National Action Plan (NAP) on Women, Peace and Security intensified its efforts both to increase women’s participation in civil and military peace operations, peacemaking, and peacebuilding, and to enhance the protection of the human rights of women in conflict areas, in response to UN Security Council Resolution 1325.  

The second NAP was an updated and enhanced version of the 2006 NAP. It highlighted five priority areas and provided a framework for improving reporting and increasing accountability. The priority areas were: 

  1. Peace processes and negotiations;   
  1. International operations; 
  1. Post-conflict situations and peacebuilding;  
  1. Sexual violence in conflict;  
  1. Reporting and accountability.  

In the third NAP, Norway highlights that women’s inclusion in peace processes is crucial to obtain sustainable peace based on human rights, the rule of law and democracy. The plan had four priority areas, including: 

  1. Peace processes and peace negotiations;  
  1. Peace operations; 
  1. Peacebuilding; 
  1. Humanitarian crises.  

Preventing sexual violence was a key element of efforts in all priority areas. The plan further identified desired outcomes and key action points needed to achieve them. It also specified the lead ministry or ministries for each action point.  

Norway’s fourth NAP focuses, among other things, on women’s participation and rights both in initial, informal peace talks and in formal peace negotiations. The new action plan comprises four target areas:  

  1. Peace and conciliation processes,  
  1. Implementing peace agreements,  
  1. Operations and assignments,  
  1. Humanitarian efforts.  

This NAP has more ambitious targets and includes a complimenting normative results framework. Norway is working closely with national and international partners, women’s organizations, and civil society in order to implement the established targets. 

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