Ireland’s first National Action Plan‌ on Women, Peace and Security was drafted following on from an interdepartmental governmental and civil society consultation process and an international cross-learning initiative, involving women from Timor-Leste, Liberia and Ireland/Northern Ireland.  

The Final Review of the first NAP, a public consultation and a public workshop, with over 100 statutory, civil society and academic participants, informed the writing of the Second NAP. The plan has built-in monitoring mechanisms, a unique dual focus (both international and domestic) and an Oversight Group established to oversee the implementation of the plan. 

The third NAP was drafted based on the findings of the Mid Term and the Final Review for the Second NAP, a call for written submissions, and two Consultation Workshops with over 100 participants from civil society, academia and government. Details of this process, including the submissions, can be found on the dedicated webpage

Monitoring Reports

  • First National Action Plan: Midterm – Final 
  • Second National Action Plan: Midterm – Final 
  • Third National Action Plans: Annual (2020) – Midterm (end 2021) – Final (end 2024) 

Gender equality policies/Feminist foreign policies

Key WPS and gender equality reports/resources