Cameroon’s Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan (WPS NAP) is in line with the operationalization of international guidelines in line with national priorities as defined in the successive Humanitarian Response Plans, the Vision for Horizon 2035, the Strategy Document for Growth and Employment (DSCE) for the period 2010-2020 and the National Gender Policy 2010-2020. It thus aims to coordinate national actors with the support of technical and financial partners in their support for the national response against the aggravated vulnerability of women, particularly in conflict situations, as well as impact on sexual and gender-based violence. The NAP is intended to translate the relevant provisions of these legal instruments aimed at increasing the participation of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts into facts, and to guarantee measures necessary for the protection of women and girls before, during and after conflicts. 

Key WPS and gender equality reports and resources

  • NAP Draft Evaluation Report, November 2020