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Civil Society Consultations for the WPS Focal Points Network

In August 2020, the Women, Peace and Security Network-Canada (WPSN-C) hosted three virtual consultations with women peacebuilders to develop recommendations for the WPS Focal Points Network. Held in Arabic, French, Spanish and English, the consultations brought together 50 feminist voices from around the world, including women’s rights organizations and organizations working on WPS issues in fragile and conflict affected countries, representatives from youth networks and academia, as well as Indigenous voices.

This report is a summary of these consultations with insights from specific participants. These insights are grouped by themes, with specific recommendations under each theme. WPSN-C hopes the WPS Focal Points will draw important lessons and actionable next steps from the perspectives and lived experiences of consultation participants.  

 Consultation Recommendations to the WPS Focal Points Network  

Link to full report can be found here. 

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