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Where are the women peacemakers?

This 11 July, Bosnians commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, when Serb militias killed 8,000 Muslims. In 1995 Srebrenica was meant to be a safe zone, where Bosnian Muslims could seek refuge with UN peacekeepers as protectors. As Serb forces advanced, the outnumbered Dutch peacekeepers stood down and Serb forces took charge. They bussed … Continue reading Where are the women peacemakers?

Race, Justice and New Possibilities: 20 Years of the WPS agenda

As the international community celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, New Directions reflects on its past (and future) and the assumptions inherent within the global normative framework. We argue that the WPS agenda is illustrative of a practice of global politics that can be rooted in exploitative patterns of interaction between … Continue reading Race, Justice and New Possibilities: 20 Years of the WPS agenda

Shouldn’t Most UN Staffers Work from Home –Permanently?

When the coronavirus pandemic delivered a mortal blow to the United States, grounding the country to a virtual standstill and throwing its economy into a deep recession, hundreds and thousands were forced to work “remotely” while offices remained shuttered, beginning late March.

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